If you happened to stumble onto this page looks like you’re looking for a perfect photographer… if so, we’ll disappoint you… we’re not perfect (as any other person 😉 ) and we don’t take ideal pictures, since life is so diverse, full of colours that aren’t always ideal 😉 We’re taking beautiful pictures that are also genuine! Pictures with people in focus, their emotions, thoughts and spontaneous reactions.

There are a lot of occasions for taking photos but shouldn’t catching the moment be the most important one? To share this instant with loved ones in 5, 10 or 15 years? 🙂

Are you a new couple”; or maybe you’ve just said “yes”; or important date is coming up; or your family archive just needs  a little refreshment? 😀 We, as photographers, will not only try to catch your “sparks” but make time spent with us fun, not stressful 😉

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Wedding photography

Looks like in some time you’ll experience one of the best days of your lives and that’s why you’re here 😉

If you haven’t checked out our wedding pictures yet – take a look at our portfolio.

First things first! We’re very happy you’ve got to us 😉 We’ve prepared for you a number of options how we could spend your special day with you. Depending on your needs we’ll help you choose best suiting package that will meet your needs.


For couples in love 🙂

Love Story

Love has created so many incredible scenarios that surely we can’t even imagine them 😉 However one thing is certain! Love has brought you to us 😉 because you want to catch it in a frame, in a beautiful picture that you’ll look at with your friends and family and maybe even grandchildren 😉

Our creative souls will do our best so that time you’ll spend with us will be not just a nice session but will allow you to look at each other once more from another perspective. Our work is not just capturing the moment, we often help you to re-learn to show your emotions, since it’s not that easy, after all 😉 Especially if you’re together for a long time, these emotions get under the layer of everyday routine for far too long, however, not a lot is required to feel that thrill when your second half looks at you as if there’s no tomorrow…

Engagement session

First step is behind 😉 you’re engaged! Our congratulations! Now you have a wedding to plan 😉 Maybe before it drowns you in planning, make yourselves a present and catch that unusual period of time in photos 😉 Especially if you’re not feeling too comfortable in front of the camera, you won’t be that stressed with our presence during the wedding day and that will allow us to create beautiful and natural report.

Couples who love being photographed are also welcome 😉 Engagement session is not only “getting used to the camera” but also a chance for us to get to know you and try to take even better pictures on your wedding day 🙂

Interested how such shoot looks like? Take a look at a couple of photos from our portfolio.

After-wedding session

You lived through your big day but report from the wedding is not enough for you? Have an after-wedding session, if you love beautiful pictures full of genuine emotions, as we do 🙂

Even if we haven’t had the pleasure to take pictures from your wedding, we’ll gladly create beautiful shots with you during after-wedding session.

For this shoot we recommend to choose a place that impresses you with beauty or one that has certain emotional value for you. We’ll work anywhere around the world 😉 We’ll make wonderful, full of emotions pictures that will be magnificent memento for years to come.

Here you can check out a couple of after-wedding sessions in our portfolio.

Family offer

Family session

Time flies for everyone and there’s nothing that can turn it back. However, we have our own treatment for time – photos! 😉 Thanks to them we’re able to keep a moment forever 🙂 and in life of every family there are a lot of moments worth keeping so they won’t escape. Memory is unreliable and not always we can trust it 🙂

Family session is not only the pictures that will stay with you forever but also time spent with closest ones! During the session we’ll keep watch so good mood won’t leave you 😉 the most beautiful emotions are the genuine ones! 😉 Not these staged ones 😉

Baptism and Holy Communion report

Family ceremony is approaching? Baptism or maybe Eucharist? It’s great you’re here with us! We’ll gladly spend that day with you and your closest ones to create beautiful report 🙂

Having your needs in mind we’ve prepared a couple of options how we can carry out your report. Maybe you want us to start with the arrangements and stay with you up until the end of the dinner? Or you’re interested only in pictures from the ceremony and a couple of portraits? No problems 😉

If you still haven’t had a chance to take a look at our portfolio – here it is!


Want to have a great memento from an upcoming event? Bingo! You’ve come to the right place 😉 We’ll make a report from any event such as birthday party, bachelorette’s/bachelor’s party or other family (or not 😉 ) event that we haven’t thought about 🙂

Individual session

You dream of a professional photo session? Or maybe just a gift for a close one? 😉

Nothing simpler! Send us a message with your idea for a session and we’ll help you choose the best option for you 🙂 We’re not afraid of any photos(!) and we’ll try to make you not afraid as well. Quite the opposite, if you have conviction: “I’m not photogenic!” we’ll do everything to change your opinion 😉

Within such session we can perform portrait, boudoir or business session. We can take pictures at your home, studio, rented place or outside.

If you still haven’t decided if you need such a session, take a look at our portfolio 😉 maybe it will help you decide



Participation in photo session in Studio Słoń means you agree on publishing photos in our portfolio. If you don’t want photos to be shared publicly, you have an option to order a private session, that will add 50% to a standard price.