About me


My name is Marina, and for over 12 years, I’vebeen wholeheartedly dedicated to weddingphotography. My photos are often describedas aesthetic, clean, and timeless. In my work,I place great emphasis on good lighting, avariety of shots, preserving natural colors, andrefined retouch.

I’m a meticulous and detail-oriented person,and I believe I have the right approach toadapt to the individual needs of each client. Iensure that everyone looks excellent in thephotos and feels beautiful and comfortable inthe role of
a model during the session.

I can find beauty in everything because I amvery sensitive to it, and the more of it there isaround, the more it provides me with theinspiration needed to create.
In my work I give it all – I can’t do it anyother way. I simply love what I do. Workingwith me is based on mutual respect, afriendly relationship, full trust, and ashared goal.

I warmly invite you to get acquainted withmy offer. If you like my work andappreciate the same values inphotography, I’m confident that togetherwe can create the most beautiful memoryyou can dream of.

Marina Piatkowska